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Arrow-Breaker™ Hose Bibbs and

Frost Proof Hydrants

With Integrated (Built-In) Vacuum Breakers

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Arrowhead Brass and Plumbing is proud to introduce the Arrow-Breaker™, the first product to offer a full solution to an age old problem: hose bibbs and hydrants with vacuum breakers. The Arrow-Breaker™ utilizes new, patented technology that integrates the function of a "thread-on" vacuum breaker into the hose bib and hydrant itself. All of that and a 3 year warranty

No longer:

  • does the plumbing industry have to tolerate customer complaints of low flow, spitting or bulbous looking backflow preventers

  • will plumbers have to install wall hose bibs and wall hydrants only to come back again after texturing and painting to add vacuum breakers or to replace them because of clogs

  • will inspectors have to red tag a building because the backflow preventers are clogged with debris or missing

  • will inspectors have to worry that the backflow preventers will be removed shortly after they are installed.

  • will customers and contractors have to deal with low flow rates from their hoses and attachments

Arrow-Breaker Irrigation Association Award Picture

The Arrow-Breaker was voted best new product of 2007 by the Irrigation Association at its show in December

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Homeowners will prefer the Arrow-Breaker™ because:

  1. Compact size, no "thread-on" vacuum breaker addition; better aesthetics

  2. 100% (double) more flow rate than units with thread-on vacuum breakers

  3. Eliminates noise during operation because of increased flow

  4. Exceptional quality, made from high quality red brass, not cheap yellow brass

  5. Revolutionary design reduces water hammer

  6. Three year warranty

  7. Does not "spit" or "splash" like most thread-on vacuum breakers

  8. Arrowhead Brass quality and reliability

Inspectors will prefer the Arrow-Breaker™ because:

  1. Plainly marked with large orange tag indicating approvals

  2. Integral vacuum breaker design prevents removal after installation

  3. Meets all applicable codes

  4. No water hammer

  5. IAPMO and ASSE 1011 & 1019 approved

Contractors will prefer Arrow-Breaker™ because:

  1. Plumbing installations can be completed in one pass (no need to return to the job site) as the porting holes are covered when the Arrow Breaker™ is off so plaster, paint and stucco is not a problem

  2. Costs less than buying a hose bib/hydrant and vacuum breaker separately

  3. No call backs or failed inspections due to removal and complaints

  4. No assembly needed

  5. Quality construction made from high quality red brass

  6. Manufactured by Arrowhead Brass and Plumbing, a quality company with a reputation of innovative quality for over 70 years

  7. Fewer customer complaints because it is made to work

  8. Better flow rates with over 15 GPM at 50 psi

Aroow-Breaker Hose Bibb Arrow-Breaker™ utilizes a ˝" flow channel to significantly increase flow and to house the vacuum breaker. No longer is the VB exposed to the elements. Leakage is in the bonnet, which eliminates "spitting".

Flow Rate Comparison
Arrow-Breaker Flow Rate Comparison

CArrow-Breaker Frost Free Hydranthampion-Arrowhead ships all Arrow-Breakers™ with a bright orange tag so that everyone [inspectors, plumbers and homeowners] know that there is an integrated vacuum breaker. It has to be cut off so that it stays with the product through inspection.

Arrow-Breaker™ hydrants, bibs and sillcocks are manufactured in ˝" and ľ" sizes with all the traditional connections including male & female IPS pipe thread, copper sweat, copper compression and PEX. Arrowhead Brass and Plumbing has also added a PushFit connection in both ˝" and ľ" sizes for Sillcock and Frost Free versions of their product. Arrow-Breaker? is now available in all configurations at most distributors. If a distributor isn?t handling the product, the company will provide sourcing information at 323-221-9137, or you can buy it directly at

Arrowhead Brass and Plumbing continues its long tradition of producing technologically innovative products at a lower price than most imports.

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Arrowhead Brass 3 Year Limited Warranty