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If you want a copy of the Arrowbreaker Video for your website you can do 2 things:

1. Link to youtube where that video actually resides:

2. The second option is to embed the video on your website. This means that the video plays on your website but all the code etc is still up on youtube. This is preferable in our minds as the visitor never has to leave your web site to see the video. Here is the code to embed: XXiframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreenYYXX/iframeYY. Change the beginning XX to < in 2 places and change the ending YY to > in 2 places.

Also here is how you can get the embedded code for any video. When you are on youtube, under the video itself is a Share button. Click this button. It will display a shortened URL to the video. Under that is an Embed button. Click this button and the code to embed the video will display.